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Deep and Strong Currents

In the October 2014 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Larry Kacher gave a talk, "Trifle Not with Sacred Things." He started with a personal experience about swimming in the Indian ocean on the coast of Oman and being caught in a rip-current. The flow of water was quickly pulling him away from the safety of the shore and attempting to swim against the current was of no use. Ultimately, he escaped the current and returned to shore tired and grateful for his life, and the life of his wife who had followed behind him. At this point in the talk, Elder Kacher said:
There are many currents in this earthly life—some safe and others not. President Spencer W. Kimball taught that there are powerful forces in our own lives much like the unseen currents of the ocean. These forces are real. We should never ignore them. As I was preparing for a talk in our congregation's Sacrament meeting (November 23, 2014), I decided to find out more about t…