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Scouting as a Quorum Training Ground

In 2003, I was serving in a bishopric in Edmonds, Washington.  Before moving to Washington, I had spent six years in Tucson, Arizona, and had spent nearly 5 years working with Scouting and Aaronic priesthood quorums.  I had spent a lot of time thinking about why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints commits so much effort to the Scouting program when so many times the results are somewhat mediocre.  I had come to personally realize the power that is available through this program.
Anyway, in response to a discussion on an e-mail list about Scouting, I wrote the following comments about why it might be good to charter all of the different programs, even if there aren't a lot of boys. Although I can't claim to be very effective at accomplishing these goals, I am grateful to be reminded of this vision.  (I have edited my comments to make sense out of the original context.)
I hope you don't mind if I talk a little about quorum integrity. The most common interpretati…